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Giving Your Lashes a Fuller Appearance in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland

When you have eyelashes applied, they must be durable and capable of withstanding day-to-day situations. At our salon in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, we offer clients a range of strong and lightweight lashes, including Russian Volume lashes, express lashes, party lashes, and semi-permanent lashes.

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Russian Volume Lashes

As the newest member of the eyelash extension family, Russian Volume lashes have taken the beauty world by storm. Made up of extra-fine lashes they are extremely lightweight, and by putting six lashes on one lash, instead of one on one, they create a fuller look that does not put any strain on your natural lashes.

The Difference between 3D and 6D

The main difference involves the amount of lashes included, and how fine and light the lashes are. The number in the product name reflects how many lashes are used per lash, meaning the higher the number, the thicker the lashes will appear. 

Choosing 6D Lashes

Most people are looking for full volume and length, which is what you get from 6D lashes. Those with very sparse lashes find individual lashes look spidery as there aren't many existing lashes to work with.

However, the Russian 6D lashes appear more full and natural, giving you the look you have been dreaming of. The Russian Volume lashes are also extremely strong and light. As they are so thin they flex more, putting less strain on your natural lashes and making them feel more comfortable and almost feather-like. 

Enjoying the Treatment

A full set takes roughly two to four hours to apply, but this varies between each client. You will be laid on a heated bed with neck support and a blanket, with breaks provided so that you can stretch your legs, although falling asleep is fine. Before each treatment we hold a consultation to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible. We do ask that you come back after a week for a checkup, where in the unlikely event that some lashes have fallen out, we will replace them free of charge. An infill treatment, which takes up to an hour, is recommended after three weeks to maintain your lashes' natural fullness.

Value for Money

Russian Volume lashes are more expensive as more high-quality mink lashes are used and the treatment takes longer. Some A-list celebrities are paying £1000 and more per set.